Cobega has a corporate framework organised on the basis of a Code of Ethics.
These are the main ethical principles on which our business is based:

1. Predominating in all our projects is respect for the natural environment, minimal consumption of resources and keeping any environmental impact under control.

2. We respect and protect the privacy of people who, in their relations with us, provide us with their personal details or information of a private nature. 

3. Our working relations are based on the principles of mutual respect and equality.

4. All the work undertaken at Cobega must abide by the safety requirements stipulated in the health and safety regulations.

5. Under no circumstances shall occupational or social security conditions be imposed that harm, suppress or restrict workers’ rights.

6. We base our conduct in the marketplace on the principles of free competition and equality of opportunities, and reject any behaviour aimed at achieving an unfair or illicit benefit, exploitation or advantage in relation to customers, suppliers, competitors or other participants in the market.

7. Our relations with the public and the private sector, both nationally and internationally, are based on the principles of transparency and equal opportunities.

8. We base our policy of creating intangible assets on the fostering of creativity and innovation.

9. We are committed at all levels to the prevention and monitoring of any infractions that may be committed through the use of information technology.

10. We manage our buildings, our property operations and construction and development projects on the basis of respect for town planning and the regulations that govern it.

11. We conduct our business in strict accord with legal and fiscal obligations.

12. We have a Prevention and Monitoring Policy, which sets out a prevention and monitoring model aimed at preventing crimes from being committed.

13. We have an Ethical Channel for receiving communications notifying us of the possible existence of a situation of risk or non-compliance, as well as any proposal for improving the model of prevention and monitoring.